Mange - Demodectic – Dipping Instructions for Dogs

mange_-_demodetic_-_dipping_instructions-1NOTE: If you perform the demodectic mange dipping yourself, be sure to wear rubber gloves and eye protection to prevent contact with your skin. Serious side-effects may result from improper usage. Be sure to follow any label instructions carefully.

____ Apply the dispensed ointment to the areas of hair loss. Do not get it in your dog's eyes. Apply it once daily for 10-14 days. At that time, the dog should be examined to determine if further treatment is needed.

____ Give ____ ml of the oral insecticide once daily. This needs to be continued for two to four weeks past apparent recovery. Report any adverse side effects including loss of appetite and vomiting.

____ Administer the dispensed antibiotics according to the label. When the prescription is completed, your dog should be examined to determine if further antibiotic treatment is needed.

____ We will bathe and apply the amitraz dip to your dog. Return for a repeat treatment in  ____ days.

____ You have agreed to treat your dog at home. Bathe your dog with the recommended medicated shampoo, then rinse the shampoo. Next, slowly pour the prepared amitraz dip (see below) over the entire body.

Mix one bottle of amitraz with two gallons of water. Once the bottle is opened, amitraz deteriorates rapidly, even if not diluted. Therefore, unused dip cannot be used later. Wear rubber gloves while handling the dip; wash your hands and arms with soap and water after treatment of your dog. Do not rinse the dip off your dog; allow it to air dry. A hair dryer may be used if the temperature is cool.

If vomiting or sedation occurs within 24-36 hours after dipping, dilute the dip with 25% more water (2½ gallons instead of 2) the next time. These side effects should resolve without treatment. If your dog continues to experience lethargy or vomiting or if your dog's condition worsens, notify the hospital for instructions.

You will need to treat your dog three times at seven-day intervals.

"Some dogs require up to twelve to fifteen dips before there are no live mites or eggs present."

____ After the second or third dipping, we should examine your dog for the presence of live mites or mite eggs. Some dogs require up to twelve to fifteen dips before there are no live mites or eggs present.

____ For lesions on the feet, mix one cc of amitraz dip (straight from the bottle) with one ounce of propylene glycol. Apply this mixture to the feet two to three times per week. It must be mixed fresh each week. If the feet are affected, they will often be the last part of the body to heal. You should be able to obtain propylene glycol at a local pharmacy. Remember to wear gloves when applying dip to your dog's feet.

It is not unusual for demodectic mange to recur in immature dogs. Recurrence may happen until your dog reaches about eighteen months of age. At the first sign of recurrence of this disease, we will need to re-examine your dog to determine what treatment is needed.

This client information sheet is based on material written by: Ernest Ward, DVM

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